Tour Itinerary
April 7th – Rodon Club, Athens, Greece
April 8th – Rodon Club, Athens, Greece
April 10th – Olympian Theatre, Thessalonica, Greece

With John Ellis (Hot News)
April 16th – Moir Hall, Glasgow, UK
April 17th – International 1, Manchester, UK
April 18th – Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK
April 19th – Irish Centre, Leeds, UK
April 21st – Royalty Theatre, London, UK
April 22nd – Royalty Theatre, London UK
April 22nd – Interview with PH on Radio Essex
April 26th – University of Warwick Arts Center, Coventry, UK
May 1st – Bari Festival, Bari, Italy
May 4th – Salle de la Chapelle, Liège, Belgium
May 5th – Hallen van Schaarbeek, Brussel, Belgium
May 7th – VPRO Interview with PH
May 7th – Lantaren 1, Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 8th – De Vrijhof, Enschede, Netherlands
May 9th – De Lindenburg, Nijmegen, Netherlands
May 11th – De Noorderligt, Tiburg, Netherlands
May 12th – Diligentia, Den Haag, Netherlands
May 13th – De Oosterpoortm, Groningen, Netherlands
May 14th – Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
May 16th – Espace Européen, Paris, France

July 5th – VPRO – La Stampa (PH special)
July 31st – BRT – Pandora (Belgium) Interview with PH
September 8th – Interview with PH in Bath, UK

December 12th – Lund Festival, Lanzarote, Spain