January – After The Show released

March – X My Heart released

April 19th – Interview with PH on RTL Radio
April 20th – Zénith Arena, Lille, France (with Lille National Orchestra)

May 11th – Susan Dallal, Tel Aviv, Israël
May 11th – Interview with PH on Masterclass
May 12th – Susan Dallal, Tel Aviv, Israël

With David Jackson, Stuart Gordon & Manny Elias
May 17th – Barbican Centre, London, UK
May 27th – Stromlinien Club, München, Germany
May 28th – Alter Wartesaal, Köln, Germany
May 29th – Zeche, Bochum, Germany
May 30th – Die Tonne, Dresden, Germany
May 31st – Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
June 2nd – Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
June 4th – Exito 13, Brussel, Belgium

June 5th PRO Hilversum – De Avonden (Earthbound, The Lie, A Better Time, Vision, Stranger Still)

With David Jackson, Stuart Gordon & Manny Elias
June 6th – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 7th – Trivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands

July 31st – Rifugio Di Re Alberto I., Pera di Fassa (Dolomiti), Italy
August 2nd – Rifiugio Pradidali, San Martino di Castrozzo (Dolomiti), Italy

With David Jackson, Stuart Gordon & Manny Elias
August 17th – Diak Sziget Obudai Island Fest, Budapest, Hungary

October 22nd – University of Cadiz, Jerez, Spain
October 23rd – Castelo de la Ribera Theatro Ideal, Valencia, Spain
October 24th – Salon el Carmen, Bilboa, Spain
October 25th – Theatro el Albeitar, Leon, Spain
October 26th Universidad Conservatory, Eibar, Spain

November – Sonix released

With friends and a one-off VdGG reunion
November 3rd – Union Chapel, London, UK

With Guy Evans
November 23rd – Willem II Concertzaal, Den Bosch, Netherlands